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Basic Written English
by Bill Ball, Rhea Williams & Tony Scott
Basic Written English (Part 2)
Basic Written English (Part 3)

Business (formal) Writing
by Sidney Callis
Business (formal) Writing Part 2
Business (formal) Writing Part 3
Business (formal) Writing Part 4

Punctuation Guide
by Dr Bernard Lamb

The Double Negative
by Bill Ball and Tony Scott

Grammatical Attraction
by Bill Ball

The Hyphen Puzzle
by Bill Ball
The Hyphen Puzzle Part 2

....'Get off of my cloud'
by Douglas Hitchman

Verbless Sentences
by Bill Ball

My Husband And I
by Ted Bell

Substitute and Replace
by Ted Bell

To quote the opening clause of the Constitution of the Queen's English Society: "The Objectives of the Society are to promote the maintenance, knowledge, understanding, development and appreciation of the English language as used in both speech and writing; to educate the public in its correct and elegant usage; and to discourage the intrusion of anything detrimental to clarity or euphony".

The QES'S Helpful Guides to Good English

The QES is not a teaching organisation, but we can try to help the many of us who have difficulty with some aspects of learning, understanding and using clear, elegant English.

'You'll find here the first of our simple guides to Good English.

One of the guides was written by the President of the QES, Dr Bernard Lamb, and covers the sometimes tricky topic of PUNCTUATION. The document is published here in full, and elswhere on this website, you are offered an opportunity to download the PDF version or, indeed, purchase the printed version, which will be delivered to you by post. The cost of this very helpful guide is £3.50 plus postage. Please contact the Secretary to arrange your purchase.

On the right of this page, you will see a list of guides. Please enjoy them and send us your comments and suggestions for other topics.