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Welcome to the QES

The Queen's English Society is neither a museum nor a preservation society. These are but two of the myths promulgated by our detractors. The 'anti brigade' are a strange group of people, often quite well educated themselves, but appearing to be against others who strive to achieve. They seemingly have no knowledge of why the QES exists and what we seek to do. They appear to think that we believe that anyone can simply freeze the language at a given time and leave it in that state indefinitely.

The myths will be dispelled by taking a quick look at the facts.
The society's constitution may also be viewed within this website.
The QES is by nature a prescriptivist organisation, because to adopt a wholly descriptivist approach, would render our existence to be meaningless. Put very simply, we refuse as a nation to adopt the word 'sidewalk' when there is already a perfectly good word — pavement — nicely settled in our language.