Becoming a member of the Queen's English Society is very simple and if you wish, you can join ON-LINE from within this website.

Membership is based on a small annual subscription, usually £20.00, with a special rate for students of just £12.00.   Please select the image link below for further information on how to join the Society.

Image link to the application form

Become a member of the QES

Turn your interest into a membership of the Society and become involved in the campaign to raise standards in the understanding and use of English.

Image of Gyles Brandreth - QES Patron

In the words of one of our patrons, GYLES BRANDRETH

"I love the English language and I am proud to be associated with the Queen's English Society because its members love our language, too, and relish it and celebrate it in myriad ways.  If you, too, love our language and enjoy thinking about it, reading about it, arguing about it, and using it to its fullest effect, this is the Society for you!  Welcome."

But of course, you will need to know more about the Society and what we aim to do.


You will be part of a growing number of people who are concerned with the decline in standards in the understanding and use of the English language.  The QES Constitution gives the reasons for our existence and you are invited to play a part in fullfilling our objectives.  You do not need to be an expert in English. We encourage everyone to join especially teachers, because they have a clear role in teaching our next generations, and also members of the business community who are having to deal with the results of poor English teaching. Between us we can lobby and campaign for education policies that can benefit us all.