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The Academy of Contemporary English

The Academy of Contemporary English, now an independent site, could never have existed without the commitment and support of the QES. It now aims to provide a reference for matters of English language that can be referred to as is "Wikipedia" or "Google" on other matters. Unlike them, however, The Academy has an e-mail address and stands ready to answer any questions or enter into correspondence on all aspects of English usage.

Plain language Commission logo

The Plain Language Commission

We can help you use plain-English principles to clarify your web and printed communications.
We work for all kinds of organizations — government departments, financial services companies, registered social landlords, regulators, ombudsmen, local authorities, pension schemes, hospital trusts, utilities, telecom companies and international law firms.
The Plain Language Commission


Oxford Dictionary

AskOxford has been reincarnated as Oxford Dictionaries Online, a brand new dictionary and language reference site from Oxford. With a comprehensive dictionary, practical language resources, articles, FAQs, games, and much more.
Oxford Dictionaries on-line

Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Cambridge Dictionaries on-line

ONE LOOK Dictionary

19,044,271 words in 1062 dictionaries indexed
One Look Dictionary